Hoss´s Hoggs

Hoss’s Hogs

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Our country hams are prepared in the traditional Southern Virginia style. They are patiently hickory smoked and aged from 4 to 12 months – with flavor profiles ranging from mild to intense. Choose from cooked & uncooked, boneless & bone-in hams:
Leave pale, mass-produced smoked bacon in the supermarket cooler. Instead, awaken your family's tastebuds with this lean, premium-quality smoked bacon patiently smoked over smoldering hickory wood in the Hostetter's family smokehouse. It's available in medium-thick slices or unsliced in half-slab.
Ground Sausage
Our ground sausage is made from only the finest pork and freshes spices using the Hostetter family recipes. It's availabe in traditional sage, breakfast blend and spicy hot.
Smoked Sausage
Commercial-grade, store bought pork sausage patties are stretched with cereal fillers, binders and MSG. Our old-fashioned smoked sausages are made from only the finest pork using the Hostetter family recipes.

Speciality cuts are also available.