Cote’s Coop

Cote’s Coop

Our philosophy is happy chicken, delicious egg. We give our chickens the run of the place, literally. The coop door is opened bright and early so the chickens are free to range around the property until they return to the coop at sundown to roost.

Some of our best layers and "The Boss".

Anacona Easter Egg

The Incredible Eatable Egg!

Eggs improve the texture of custards, act as binders for meats and stuffing, emulsify fats and liquids, add volume to baked goods, and make pastries shine. Plus, they’re nutritionally complete and delicious. Good eggs from good pastures can be found all over the country, and they’re about the best bang for your buck in terms of high-quality protein. A meal composed of eggs will almost always cost less than a meat-centric dish. Check out our recipes for the egg dishes.